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Professional corporate relocation services help make moving enjoyable



Professional corporate relocation services help make moving worth enjoyable

Post Updated May 15, 2013

In some instances, you may be requested to relocate in order to serve your employer better. While this may come at an inconvenient time and can be an overwhelming experience, there are many positive benefits to moving to a new state for work. Typically, it is in the best interest of the company to assist you in the process, as any additional expenses or unexpected fees may sway your opinion about continuing to work for the organization. The most important part of any relocation package is to make sure you are involved in the process of hiring a moving company.

Professional corporate relocation services help make sure the transition is seamless and allows you to focus your efforts on tying up loose ends before you make your move to a new town, community or state. In addition to having your moving fees waived, you may be able to garner further assistance such as paying for child care until you find a new nanny, a higher cost-of-living subsidy, a higher mortgage cost allowance or help with schooling for your children if your new town’s public education system is lacking, reports

When considering a relocation, make sure you are prepared for your move. If you’ve been given the opportunity to hire your own moving and storage company, you’d be wise to work with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Their team of professional relocation movers can help make your experience an enjoyable one. They’ll help plan the logistics of your move and assist you in organizing your belongings in a manner that makes unpacking as efficient as it can be. You’ll feel confident that your possessions will be in good hands and that your relocation has been well planned, which will give you more time to designate to finding the proper services for your family in your new community.

Being relocated by your employer may be a great experience. You’ll have the opportunity to explore new regions of the country, and most of the costs might even be paid for by your company. While it may be hard to leave where you’ve begun your career and family, new adventures await wherever you go. Stevens can help you, your family and your possessions get there in one piece.






Happy New Year

With 2012 now in the rear view mirror….what’s next?

For millions of Americans 2013 will be a MOVING year. Some will be moving across the street and some to far away lands. The basic elements of moving are the same. PICK A GREAT MOVER…HAVE A GREAT MOVE. Its that simple!

Questions for Your Mover

How long have you been in the moving business?

Are you licensed for local and long-distance moves?

Do you carry workers compensation insurance?

How long will my move take?

Are there items not allowed to be moved?

How much will my move cost and what am I charged for:

Packing and unpacking

Packing Materials



Are your employees full-time, certified and background checked?,Will I have one point of contact during my move?

Can my possessions be stored temporarily?

Do you offer crating for items needing special attention?

What services do you offer for appliances?

How will my heirlooms or high valued items be handled?

How do you protect my home against damage?

Am I protected against loss or damage?

What happens when damage occurs?

Can I do my own packing?

Can I purchase packing supplies from you?

How long will it take to pack, load, unload and unpack?

What are my payment options?
Review your moving estimates in detail. Be sure you understand all charges.

Global satellite communications provider opens Virginia headquarters

November 27, 2012


Global satellite communications provider opens Virginia headquarters

TrustComm, a global satellite communications provider that works with businesses and government agencies, is taking its central operations to Virginia. The Washington Post reports that TrustComm has set up a new office in Stafford, Virginia, which will bring it closer to the nation’s capital.

Houston previously served as the central location for TrustComm. However, the company’s decision to move to Stafford could help its employees better assist members of nearby government agencies.

“We want to be very local to the decision makers,” said Bob Roe, TrustComm’s chief executive. “The other piece of it was I needed to be able to attract very specific, qualified people.”

A corporate move across states affects many people, including employees, their families and their friends. With assistance from a world-class moving company, staff members can receive support throughout the relocation process.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is helpful for corporate relocations because it employs trained professionals who will support a business’ workers during every step of a move. The crew members at Stevens have completed thousands of relocations and offer packing advice and equipment to ensure that workers get the assistance they need for moving day.