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Youngsoft Welcomes Amy S. Courter as SVP, Sales & Marketing

Jan 9, 2015 | Wixom, Michigan

About Youngsoft
Based in Wixom, Michigan, Youngsoft is a full-service IT technology and consulting firm that specializes in IT staffing, application develpoment, and niche software practices to improve the effciency, cost-effectiveness, and capabilites of its clients.  Youngsoft has extensive experience in many different industry verticals, and has offices in North America and India.  To learn more about Youngsoft, visit our website at 

Stay constantly prepared for military moving

October 20, 2014

Stay constantly prepared for military moving

If you’re in the military, you know you could be deployed to a different base at a moment’s notice. As such, you need to be vigilant at all times and be in a constant state of readiness to pack up and go. This can be difficult with a family in tow, but a good plan and some reliable out of state movers will help ease any transition. Here are some tips to integrate with your daily life to ensure moves won’t take too long.

Keep receipts for everything related to your military moving, even well after the movers have brought everything into your new home. Many costs, including gas and supplies along the way, may be reimbursed by the military. Don’t expect to have to pay for everything until you’ve been told otherwise.

Make sure your kids understand you might have to move very quickly. Of course, you don’t want them to avoid making friends or enjoying themselves. However, preparing them for the fact you might be deployed elsewhere is kinder than avoiding the issue and springing it on them at the last minute.

Maintain a storage space somewhere you trust. There are some items, such as family heirlooms or memorabilia you probably don’t want to have with you until you’re much more settled. Keep them at a family member’s house or in a storage facility near a good friend or relative who is less prone to moving than you are.

AMSA’s 2013 USA Today ad campaign announcement!

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a proud member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and our membership is something we should share with customers and prospects, as it shows our commitment to doing the best we can for them.


Monday, May 20 – AMSA’s 2013 industry ad can be found on the back page of USA Today‘s Money section. The full-page color ad was developed by AMSA in conjunction with the Communications Advisory Committee (CAC); the ad features our 2012 industry driver award winners as “Moving Heroes” and promotes the importance of hiring a professional mover to USA Today‘s more than 1.8 million readers, as well as consumers visiting the AMSA consumer information website,


The final version of the ad can be viewed below and at


AMSA members are welcome to use the ready-made ad, and AMSA will provide a logo-free version to post on your company website and use in your local marketing activities. If you’d like assistance personalizing the ad with your company logo, please contact AMSA’s marketing and e-media manager, Wayne Whitaker.


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of USA Today – today – to see the ad in print. Be sure and sign up to receive AMSA emails and watch your inbox each Monday for more Moving Season Tips and Tricks!  




How to negotiate your corporate relocation benefits


How to negotiate your corporate relocation benefits

Many enterprises hire corporate relocation companies to help their employees move. In most cases, assistance is not limited to the services of state to state movers – businesses usually offer significant benefits to workers who travel for employment opportunities. Unfortunately, not every company offers sufficient compensation to cover moving expenses. 

With careful negotiations, you can earn a generous relocation package. Do not ask for the world – you should only ask for enough benefits to ensure that the transition runs smoothly. 

Follow these tips to successfully negotiate a new relocation package. 

Ask for a real estate agent
Most of the financial incentives employers offer are based on homebuying expenses. Companies typically offer allowances to help their workers cover the costs of finding a new residence. 

If you’re moving out of state to accept a new job, you should ask your business to pay for a real estate agent. It is difficult to find a suitable home in an familiar area, and the issue is only exacerbated when you travel a great distance. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) writes that it is valuable to understand the cost of living in a new state

Visit multiple properties once you have an agent. Explore different settings like big cities and small suburbs. Additionally, you should consider different types of residences like condos, apartments and and co-ops. After you receive a few price estimates, share them with your employer so that you will receive adequate funding for your relocation expenses. 

Explain how assistance benefits the company
While companies are willing to help you with your move, they must also see some benefits. Businesses cannot afford to acquiesce to every demand simply to recruit a new worker – the practice would adversely affect the bottom line. recommends finding ways to explain how your comfort will benefit your employer. When you highlight how it would be advantageous for a business to help you move, it is more likely to meet your terms during negotiations. 

The news source indicates that the best strategy is to say how much your productivity will be improved if you can quickly settle in your new home without worrying about minor headaches. Tell your employer that you would be able to work longer hours because you know that your affairs are in order. 





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