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Stay constantly prepared for military moving

October 20, 2014

Stay constantly prepared for military moving

If you’re in the military, you know you could be deployed to a different base at a moment’s notice. As such, you need to be vigilant at all times and be in a constant state of readiness to pack up and go. This can be difficult with a family in tow, but a good plan and some reliable out of state movers will help ease any transition. Here are some tips to integrate with your daily life to ensure moves won’t take too long.

Keep receipts for everything related to your military moving, even well after the movers have brought everything into your new home. Many costs, including gas and supplies along the way, may be reimbursed by the military. Don’t expect to have to pay for everything until you’ve been told otherwise.

Make sure your kids understand you might have to move very quickly. Of course, you don’t want them to avoid making friends or enjoying themselves. However, preparing them for the fact you might be deployed elsewhere is kinder than avoiding the issue and springing it on them at the last minute.

Maintain a storage space somewhere you trust. There are some items, such as family heirlooms or memorabilia you probably don’t want to have with you until you’re much more settled. Keep them at a family member’s house or in a storage facility near a good friend or relative who is less prone to moving than you are.

Moving an entire office is simple with nationwide movers


October 23, 2013


Moving an entire office is simple with nationwide movers

Running an entire office can be difficult, but a commercial move is downright impossible unless you’ve established a proper strategy. According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News, internet giant Facebook recently moved to the city of Menlo Park and will soon be taking up residence in the former headquarters of Sun Microsystems. It’s a certainty that such an enormous move is being carefully planned and executed with the help of a moving and relocation company.

The first thing to consider is where every item is going to go. Moving an entire company should begin with a familiarity of the new space. Make maps with accurate measurements that depict every room so that you can decide the best location for every desk, computer and chair in the space. Failing to do so means the corporate relocation company will have to stack boxes and furniture randomly, making the move take twice as long.

You can also use such a move as an opportunity to upgrade certain elements in your office. For example, if you’ve been meaning to improve the desks that your staff uses, don’t put it off until after everything’s been taken to a new building. Instead, get rid of the old units during the process of packing and have new items shipped to your upgraded office.

Hire a corporate relocation company to properly move an entire office


October 22, 2013


Hire a corporate relocation company to properly move an entire office

When an organization moves from one office to another, it usually signals the growth all companies strive for. However, the process can be long and grueling when not properly planned and executed. Once you’ve hired the right corporate relocation company, you’ll need to take some crucial steps to make sure everything goes smoothly and is over as quickly as possible.

Pack by department There’s nothing more frustrating than opening a box of computers, files or tools and not knowing where they’re meant to go. In fact, only the people who are familiar with such items are going to know exactly where they belong. Consequently, be sure all the items used by certain departments are grouped together so those employees can subsequently take them out and organized them after a moving and relocation company has brought them inside.

Plan in advance Moving of any sort probably doesn’t fall in the typical schedule of most organizations, so be sure not to expect to do much work on the days packing and unpacking are taking in place. Keep in mind that while a lot of the packing and transportation will be taken care of by the relocation movers, it’s necessary to have employees oversee some of the more sensitive materials as they’re put away. In addition to knowing how best to handle certain tools and machines, employees often need to handle confidential files and records themselves.

Test items and tools Like when a person is moving from one house to another, moving an office is a great chance to thin out some possessions. For example, out-of-date computers, printers and other machines might have accumulated over the years, so make sure to dispose of them properly instead of simply shoveling the mess from one space to another. Additionally, a move is a great opportunity to digitize records and convert to a paperless office.

Celebrate A corporate relocation certainly disrupts the general workflow of any kind of business. Remember not to be too hard on workers during this stressful time since they shouldn’t necessarily be expected to perform work during such a time. You should also try to reward employees with some kind of celebration in thanks for their understanding, and to ring in a new era in a new office or