If there’s one well-known distinction separating Millennials from previous generations, it’s that they don’t live to work – they work to live. Priorities have shifted, so at the end of the day, it might not be the paycheck that matters most but rather the culture and a better work-life balance that keeps them loyal to a company. As more Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce, the offices of the past are evolving into a more relaxed, open-minded, and hands-on environment that better suits the personality of newer generations. They’re driving office design trends that are bringing the workplace fully into the 21st century.


Millennials prefer a collaborative, social environment, so the days of cubicles are over… long over. In its place has arrived the open floor plan concept. No more walls. No more dividers. No more disconnect betw

een employees. Simply a group of desks grouped together. An open floor plan encourages communication, building strong team connections and fostering camaraderie between employees. And the best part about this from a business perspective? Frequent interactions and collaborations can lead to innovative ideas and developments that benefit the company in its entirety.


Beige walls. Beige carpet. Beige desks – a.k.a. boring, boring, and boring. Modern, comfortable, eclectic – those sound better, don’t they? Yes? Then let’s kick the drab shades to the curb and breathe life into the space where people spend more than eight hours a day. Influenced by Millennials’ desire for an appealing workspace, offices are getting a makeover from floor to ceiling. It’s time for businesses to decorate with pizazz whether they’re drawing influence from the company’s values or inspiration from employees’ personalities. When your office is a medley of vibrant and engaging hues, it increases employee productiveness, so a splash of color really can make all the difference.


Born into the new era of technology between 1977 and ’95, Millennials are the definition of “tech savvy,” so they’re expecting a technologically up-to-date office space. Gone are the clunky desktops and miles of wires commandeering desk space, and in its place are sleek laptops and tablets. These devices can be easily transported from one side of the office to the other (Can you do that with a PC? I think not.), and all the information an employee needs is always right at their fingertips. Using the latest technology also streamlines and automates what were once time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to be more efficient and productive!


Variety is the spice of life, and Millennials agree – especially in the workplace. Creating a variety of work spaces inspires a more engaging environment. Consider a large conference space with modern tables and chairs for important meetings. A collaborative room with a standup table and monitors for internal discussions. A small, sunlit area with large windows and a cozy couch for an employee seeking peace and quiet. When presented with numerous rooms and areas, employees can find the space that helps them be the most productive for the task at hand.


The last and certainly the most important office space trend influenced by Millennials is quite simple: make the workplace fun! Remember, Millennials place a lot of emphasis on a company’s culture – will they be expected to work around the clock, or does the company believe in a work/play balance? Whether you put a pool table in the lunch room, place a ping pong table in a spare room, or hang up a hammock in a quiet room, providing engaging activities around the office will help your employees rest and reset their busy brains. After their break is over, they’ll feel mentally refreshed and ready to tackle what the rest of the day has to offer. Who says you can’t live a little at work?

Lake Tahoe Summit 2017

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — It’s been 21 years since the first Tahoe Summit. Since then, $2 Billion in federal, state and private funds has been collected and spent on keeping Lake Tahoe blue. “We’ve completed more than 500 improvement and restorations projects,” Senator Diane Feinstein, D-California, said. “One hundred thirty-nine are underway now.” But now…

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McKesson Medical-Surgical to build 316,100-square-foot warehouse by fall, keeping jobs in California

Thanks you Greater Sacramento

Roseville, Calif. — After a multi-state selection process, McKesson, the oldest and largest healthcare company in the nation, selected Roseville, Calif., to locate a 316,100-square-foot, state-of-the-art warehouse distribution facility.

McKesson Medical-Surgical, an affiliate of the McKesson Corporation, expects to employ 166 people in logistics and material handling jobs at the facility. The company plans to start hiring this fall. The site is expected to be operational in mid-2018.

The project involved a joint effort between the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, the City of Roseville and Panattoni Development Company. The partnership exemplified the kind of effort needed to attract key industries to the Sacramento region.

McKesson evaluated other markets out of state but valued remaining in the greater Sacramento area, where McKesson Medical-Surgical currently operates two smaller distribution centers which will be consolidated into the new facility. Additionally, the Sacramento region provides access to key customers for McKesson Medical-Surgical.

“This project is a key part of our Bay Area California Jobs Matter Campaign,” Greater Sacramento CEO Barry Broome said. “We are glad to see McKesson’s investment into Roseville, one of our flagship communities. Additionally, this is another win for our national site-selection program, which has our region building a national brand.”

The City of Roseville completed the permitting process in a record time of 143 days, which included planning and entitlements, environmental review, plan review, and permit issuance. Roseville continues to emphasize speed and efficiency in order to help companies get up and running.

“The most critical selection component was Roseville’s unique and concurrent permitting processes, which allowed us to receive our planning entitlements, environmental review, building and civic plan approval in 143 days,” said Tim Schaedler, Northern California Partner for Panattoni Development Company. “For a project of this scale, that’s a lightning-fast turnaround in the development world.”

“We’re pleased to grow our presence in northern California,” said Brad Hilton, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience for McKesson Medical-Surgical. “Locating in Roseville provides greater access to our customers and key markets and enables the expansion of our private fleet operations in the region. It also creates an opportunity for us to continue to invest and add to our workforce in a region where we’ve operated for many years.”

“Health care is Roseville’s No. 1 industry sector, and we’re thrilled to welcome McKesson to our region,” said Mayor Susan Rohan. “We look forward to having both the company and its employees contribute to our community’s prized quality of life.”

McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to healthcare providers across the spectrum of care through its national distribution network and the industry’s largest private fleet.

About the Greater Sacramento Economic Council
The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California. The organization spearheads community-led direction to retain, attract, grow and scale new businesses, develop advanced industries and create jobs and investment throughout a six-county region. Greater Sacramento represents a collaboration between local and state governments, market leaders, influencers, and stakeholders, with the sole mission of driving economic growth. The Sacramento Region was founded on discovery, built on leadership, and fueled by innovation.

About the City of Roseville, Calif.
Recognized for its business-friendly environment, quick turnarounds, low costs, and innovative public-private partnerships, the city of Roseville is a regional job center and economic powerhouse. The city is one of only a few full-service cities in California, owning its own electric, water, wastewater, and solid waste utilities, which keeps costs low and reliability high. Roseville appeals to people in all stages of life, named in 2017 as the best city in California to raise a family, the 4th most popular place in the country for millennials to buy homes, and one of the top 25 places to retire in America. Housing options and affordability, educational excellence, quality of healthcare, extensive civic and social amenities, and a robust economy make it one of the most desirable places in the country to call home.

About McKesson Medical-Surgical:

McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. is an affiliate of the McKesson Corporation. McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 5th on the FORTUNE 500, is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care, and healthcare information technology. McKesson Medical-Surgical works with health systems, physician offices, extended care providers, in-home patients, labs, payers and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting. McKesson Medical-Surgical helps its customers improve their financial, operational, and clinical performance with solutions that include pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management, healthcare information technology, and business and clinical services. For more information, visit