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Welcome to the Moving Season 2015

45-48% of Americans that move in 2015 will move between May 15th and September 1st. 25-30% of families that move will invest in professional moving services. The average investment will be just under $1500 but many will spent $8,000-$25,000 to move across country or overseas. Families planning to move in the summer of 2015 should book a mover 6 weeks in advance. ALSO…If possible plan on an extra day before the move and after the move for possible delays. For example if the move plan is to load May 26 and 27, plan on the movers still loading on the 28th and start the family travel plan on the 30th. Moving in the summer is just like traveling on Thanksgiving. The Airlines overbook and the movers overbook.

Planning is the key to a successful move. Ask you’re Realtor to refer you to a moving professional. Only talk to PROMOVERS  (

Chipman United Van Lines
Chipman United Van Lines

The Best Time to Move before the End of Summer is Quickly Passing

Posted on April 15 by admin

If you plan to move sometime in the next few months and haven’t set an exact date yet, make plans quickly. The best time to move before the end of summer is now, or within the next month or so. The peak moving season will be here soon.

Peak Moving Season not the Best Time to Move

The busiest moving times generally run from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Many people want to move during summer so demand is high, especially June through August. According to a  United Van Lines study, about 40 percent of all domestic household goods moves take place between May 1 and August 31.

Because demand is so high, many movers increase costs during those busy times, so you could pay more. Plus, scheduling your chosen pickup and delivery dates can be difficult during the peak moving months. Although the best movers will be able to accommodate your schedule, additional charges may apply.

You can find better deals and more flexibility when moving during the off-peak season, which is September through April. That off-peak time is quickly running out, though. If you are ready to schedule your move,  contact your mover now to see if your preferred dates are available and how much, if any, you could save by scheduling different dates.

Moving During the Summer

If you do plan to move during the peak season, try to schedule the move for mid-month during the middle of the week, when demand is not quite as high. More people want to move on a weekend at the end of the month, so movers are busier.

What is the Best Day for Moving?

Because the weekends are busiest for movers, avoid moving on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Schedule your move on a Tuesday or Wednesday, if possible. It could save you a few dollars. Call your movers and ask.

Get Help with Your Move

Any move, even ones planned several months in advanced, can be hectic. Moving in less than six weeks may seem nearly impossible, but it is actually quite common. In fact, many people move with only two weeks or less notice.

However, a move without months of planning does require more focus, organization and flexibility. Use  moving tips and a checklist. They can save time and your sanity. And hire full service movers, if your budget allows.

full service moving company can provide complete door-to-door relocation. That includes planning the move as well as packing and unpacking services. It will cost a little more, but enables you to focus on the many other details you must take care of while the professionals handle your move.

If you’re unable to pay the additional costs, enlist the help of family and friends. You will need it.