Welcome to the 2017 moving season



According to the USPS; 55,000 change of address forms are processed every day in the United States. Every summer tens of thousands of families physically move their residence.

Take some time before you hire a professional mover. Find a moving partner that will LISTEN and BUILD a successful moving plan that fits the budget and the schedule.


If you’re moving locally, under 25 miles use the following as a guideline. 79% of all claims are caused by RUSHED MOVERS. Hire fewer movers for longer periods of time. You won’t regret it!

  • 500-1500 sq ft home: Allow 2 full days
  • 1500-3000 sq ft home: Allow 3 full days
  • over 3000 sq ft: Allow 1 full week

Chipman Relocations and Logistics is the largest family owned mover on the west coast.







Carpet racks INSTALLED!!


Ed Melton, Vice President  Chipman United Van Lines Sacramento is proud to announce the installation of NEW carpet racking at the National Drive warehouse. The racking can accommodate 400 rolls/ up to 18 feet long/ 320,000lbs capacity. “This investment helps us support our FF & E clients more effectively by handling inbound and outbound carpet rolls without storing on the floor or in trailers. This is in addition to our 1200 standard pallet positions”


@EDMELTON      CONTACT ED: 916-367-1577   emelton@chipmanrelo.com

Make this “THE DAY”


Last night I while watching Kobe’s final game in the NBA I started reflecting on how amazingly fast 20 years slips by. I’m not a huge Kobe fan, in fact I don’t consider him as one of the greats however its hard to discount his accomplishments. One thing about Kobe that I do respect is his unwavering confidence. He’s a true “Carpe Diem” kind of guy. He was wise enough and talented enough at age 18 to see a path to greatness and he seized the opportunity.  Kobe never looked back and never stopped playing his style of basketball. Last night Kobe took 50 shots! He made last night all about him and his brand.

The DAY was April 13, 2016, the day Kobe had circled on his calendar for 12 months. It was a selfish act to expand and enhance his brand. And it worked! 50 shots, 60 points and millions of social media impressions.

Make today your “KOBE” day. Take some risk, take shots you know you won’t make and self promote for the good of the brand. It’s OK the shine some bright lights in your eyes every now and then. Maybe it’ll work, like it did for Kobe last night.