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Make a Difference Mother’s Day

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IMG_1018You can make Mother’s Day special for women and families in WEAVE.

Help make the difference by taking part in the 8th Annual Movers for Moms® drive. Coordinated by Two Men and a Truck® Sacramento and their partner The FISH, they’ll head to the Walgreens on Madison in Sacramento to collect donations the public wishes to drop off Saturday April 18.

Brand new wish list items such as combs, toiletries and clothes go directly to the families currently in WEAVE’s safe houses. Gently used items are accepted as well and will go to WEAVE’s thrift stores which help fund the nonprofits missions.

Two Men and a Truck® and its partners want to make this Mother’s Day special for ALL moms, including those going through a rough time in…

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DGS Congratulates Sacramento and Capitol Area Development Authority on New Downtown Lofts

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DGS NewsWire


On behalf of the state, DGS Acting Director Esteban Almanza (at podium) congratulated the city of Sacramento, Capitol Area Development Authority and CFY Developers on the grand of opening of the R Street Warehouse Artist Lofts in Sacramento.

The State of California, through the Department of General Services, is a member of the CADA Joint Powers Authority, along with the city of Sacramento. DGS has partnered with CADA for the past 35 years and it affords us the opportunity to give back to the Sacramento community. CADA continues to build housing to meet needs for individuals at a variety of income levels, many of whom are state employees. In fact, the Capitol Area Plan, originally created under Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. in 1978, speaks to the need to provide housing for the full spectrum of household types — families, singles, the elderly, the workforce and empty nesters.

DGS is proud…

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Roseville CA Real Estate Tips: How to Sell Your Home Fast

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If you are planning to sell your home, there are a few important things you need to be aware of. By doing your homework, you can get a good price for your home and find a buyer quickly enough. Even though the peak season for home buying is over, you can still take steps to ensure that your home will be sold fast. The key is in making a great first impression, especially for the highly competitive Roseville CA real estate.

Set the Right Price

First of all you need to set the right price. A common mistake that Roseville California real estate sellers make is that they ask for a very high price and lower it later when they aren’t able to find interested buyers. Remember that the first 30 days you put your house up for sale is the most crucial and it is during this time…

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Bay Area Hotel Renovations & Super Bowl 50 – Is Your Hotel Ready?

Bay Area Hotel Renovations & Super Bowl 50 – Is Your Hotel Ready?

Although a year away, Super Bowl 50 is coming quickly. Are your Bay Area hotel renovations complete? What would the reviews of your hotel say if posted today?

Hotel renovations needed?

Many Bay Area Hotels Renovated, But Not All

Numerous Bay Area hotels underwent renovations in recent years to meet the needs of increased business travelers in the high-tech market, and even more hotel renovations began with the announcement that the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara would host the historical Super Bowl event in 2016.

But some Bay Area hotels still need work to prepare for the flood of people expected that first week in February. Only about a month ago, a traveler posted a review at with the headline “Typical, Outdated Bay Area Hotel in Need of Renovation.”  The reviewer pointed out that “the furniture has seen better days (with some of the chairs and tables having nicks and scratches in them) …” The hotel’s general manager politely explained the hotel is currently renovating, and renovations include the addition of new furniture. That hotel will likely be refreshed and ready in time, but what about others?

Several Bay Area hotels also received poor reviews recently that included comments such as the “room had old and very little furniture,” “the door had a huge gap that let in all of the noise,” and “bed bugs, mice, Oh my!”

While you can find thousands of Bay Area hotel rooms worthy of 5-star reviews, these comments show several area hotels still need renovation work. Considering the room squeeze the expected 1 million people attending Super Bowl 50 events will place on the Bay Area, every hotel should and could be ready.

If your hotel recently received a review like this one: “This hotel needs a lot of love and it could be something special – but it is clearly not special now,” and you are not in the process of renovating, get busy!  There is still time to bring in new furniture, fixtures and equipment and give your hotel the love it needs before Super Bowl 50 arrives. Your guests will appreciate it, reviews will reflect that, and your business will benefit.

Need Hotel Logistics for Your Renovation Project?

Whether planning a complete renovation or simply replacing worn furniture in guest rooms, the right hotel logistics can help you complete your project on schedule. In the Bay Area, Chipman Relocation & Logistics is the company to call.

From transportation, warehouse storage and delivery to FF&E installations, the quality services provided by Chipman can help make your hotel renovation project a success. Call now to discuss your needs for Bay Area hotel logistics services and receive a free quote from Chipman Relocation & Logistics.

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