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"A Relocation Minute" with Bruce Waller

Here we are once again as we head down the stretch trying to finish strong in the 4th quarter. How are you performing? It’s a great time to review your team goals and/or your personal goals. Each year I write down several things I want to achieve each year in business and in my personal life. For example, I wrote down that I wanted to achieve the new SHRM-CP certification, as well as start a new leadership journal in 2015. During the summer, I review progress all of my goals, then identify 3 of my biggest goals that I want to focus for maximum impact. In September/October, I will then review progress to make sure I am doing everything I can to keep these goals out front for the best chance of success. Hooray, I checked off the SHRM-CP certification and leadership journal! What have you already achieved in 2015?

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