Reconsidering the Branch: Tellerless Branch Case Study: Campus Federal Credit Union – Our Lady of the Lake Branch

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Labarre Associates, Inc.

Location: Baton Rouge, LALobby
Type: Tellerless Branch / Interactive Teller Machine
Owner: Campus Federal Credit Union
Architect: Labarre Architects, APAC
Contractor: Milton J. Womack, Inc.
Completion Date: 2014

Campus Federal Credit Union has been one company to fully invest in the tellerless / interactive teller machine system.  In 2014, they opened two branches with interactive teller machines, started construction on a third branch with the technology inside their lobby and within a drive through, and created a remote call center at their headquarters building.

Challenge: The previous branch in Our Lady of the Lake hospital was small and tucked away inside of the main hospital building.  Traffic was not natural and it was easy to miss the credit union’s location.

Solutions: In response to these problems, Campus Federal acquired a lease for a larger space (approximately 1,100 square feet) to open a couple offices, small conference area, and break room…

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