45-48% of Americans that move in 2015 will move between May 15th and September 1st. 25-30% of families that move will invest in professional moving services. The average investment will be just under $1500 but many will spent $8,000-$25,000 to move across country or overseas. Families planning to move in the summer of 2015 should book a mover 6 weeks in advance. ALSO…If possible plan on an extra day before the move and after the move for possible delays. For example if the move plan is to load May 26 and 27, plan on the movers still loading on the 28th and start the family travel plan on the 30th. Moving in the summer is just like traveling on Thanksgiving. The Airlines overbook and the movers overbook.

Planning is the key to a successful move. Ask you’re Realtor to refer you to a moving professional. Only talk to PROMOVERS  (www.promover.org)

Chipman United Van Lines
Chipman United Van Lines

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