Fit and Filthy

11 May 2015

At this point in the year, organizers and promoters continue to apply the glaze onto their 2015-16 racing calendars. Until more formal announcements and final calendars are laid out on the table, here is a selection of titbits to whet the appetite.

Fresno County Cyclocross – Justin Morgan is looking to take Fresno County Cyclocross into a second season. The inaugural year of FCCX races had low numbers of competitors but exhibited definite promise. Racers from as far away as Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa made the long journey to feed their bent and gather USAC points.

Red Cite CX Series – Steve Rosefield of Red Kite Racing Events would have liked to have put on a weekly cyclocross series last year. In the end, the Red Kite CX Series never came to a boil. For this upcoming season, though, it is a “qualified yes”, yet still…

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