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The Discovery Park American River Trail includes about 32 miles of trail. On Saturday, we covered about four of them (8 miles total, out and back). It’s smack in the middle of Sacramento, and when you’re there it’s easy to forget that just over the grassy hills is a bustling city filled with traffic and office buildings.

It was a nice escape for the day. I highly recommend it, and here are five of the reasons why:

1. The ghost trees


This grove of blackened trees is the remnant of a somewhat recent fire that has marred the area. While signs of life are returning, these ghost trees still stand, a silent reminder of the past.

2. Anise


As I rode along, I kept thinking I could smell licorice. Finally I spotted it: Anise plants springing up along the path. Long spindly reeds sprouted out of bushy green ferns on…

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