Welcome to April 2015’s #TrailingSpouseStories! This month, we played with April Fools and asked each other “What got you “fooled” into being a trailing spouse? What myths did you start out with and what did you discover in the process?” Here is my take on the matter.

I wouldn’t say that I was ‘fooled’ into being a trailing spouse, rather I ‘fooled’ myself, imagining how it would be and making lots of assumptions.

When we first had a discussion with my husband about moving to Germany from UK, I couldn’t say I was completely happy about it. Not miserable either, more like concerned. I just started feeling like an independent adult, still in my first job after graduation, enjoying independent life and making plans accordingly – here, in London, in this company, in these circumstances. Moving to Germany would change all that. Although, I could still be working with a…

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