La Vie de Vionnet

After weeks of yearning, I finally made it to Alamere Falls this past weekend. Alamere Falls is a special waterfall: it flows directly into the ocean. According to Wikipedia, such a fall is called a “tidefall“, and there are only 22 of them on earth. Someone told me about Alamere Falls a few weeks ago, and described its unique geological features. I couldn’t believe him (pardon my ignorance), and repeated the question “a waterfall on the beach?” four or five times just to make sure he didn’t make it up. He answered “yes” with good humour and patience each time. 🙂 I checked it out immediately after I got home, and was amazed by pictures I saw online. Since then, I would google images for Alamere Falls every other day until I finally saw it in person.

We started the trip early in the morning so that we’d get to the…

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