5 Things to love about the Discovery Park American River Trail

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The Discovery Park American River Trail includes about 32 miles of trail. On Saturday, we covered about four of them (8 miles total, out and back). It’s smack in the middle of Sacramento, and when you’re there it’s easy to forget that just over the grassy hills is a bustling city filled with traffic and office buildings.

It was a nice escape for the day. I highly recommend it, and here are five of the reasons why:

1. The ghost trees


This grove of blackened trees is the remnant of a somewhat recent fire that has marred the area. While signs of life are returning, these ghost trees still stand, a silent reminder of the past.

2. Anise


As I rode along, I kept thinking I could smell licorice. Finally I spotted it: Anise plants springing up along the path. Long spindly reeds sprouted out of bushy green ferns on…

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Another big deal: Cushman & Wakefield to buy Chicago office specialist J.F. McKinney + Associates


Jack McKinney Jack McKinney

by Dan Rafter

Major changes to the Midwest commercial real estate industry keep coming. This time, it’s the news that Cushman & Wakefield has agreed to purchase J.F. McKinney + Associates in Chicago. Terms of this latest big deal were not released.

This announcement comes almost immediately after news broke that DTZ is considering purchasing Cushman & Wakefield for $2 billion. Also this month, Prologis and Norway’s Norges Bank Investment Management announced that it will buy KTR Capital Partners for $5.9 billion. That’s a big buy for Prologis: KTR owns nearly 70 million square feet of industrial real estate in 25 markets.

The Cushman & Wakefield purchase of J.F. McKinney + Associates is important to the Midwest, too. J.F. McKinney is a busy player in Chicago’s office leasing market. The firm represents more than 16 million square feet of Chicago-area office.

Many of the buildings that J.F. McKinney…

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New interchange at I-5 and Cosumnes River Blvd. in south Sacramento to open early!

City Express


The City of Sacramento is announcing the opening of a new interchange on I-5, just one mile south of Meadowview Boulevard beginning prior to the morning commute on Monday, May 4.

The new interchange is a public-private partnership between the City of Sacramento and the Delta Shores developers in South Sacramento.  M&H Realty Partners, the developer of the master-planned community, will begin construction on their 1.3 million square foot regional shopping center as the cornerstone of Delta Shores community. The opening of the interchange provides the initial I-5 access for the regional shopping center.

The milestone is a major step toward completion of the larger Cosumnes River Boulevard Extension and Interchange Project. However, the 3.5 mile roadway extension between Franklin and Freeport boulevards remains under construction. Until that time, estimated for the fall, motorists will be able to enter and exit I-5 by way of the new interchange at Freeport…

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Military Moves: Top 5 Tips for a Relocation

Open House: Ottawa

I recently had the pleasure of working with a member of our Royal Navy as she had received a fantastic job opportunity here in town.  We were connected through a mutual friend/Realtor in Halifax, and originally we were going to have the typical 5 day window in which we needed to locate the right home, offer on it, negotiate, finance and inspect it.  I’m not sure when you last purchased a home, but think about that monumental decision for a second…and now think about having only a couple of pressure soaked days to get it all done!

The process of buying a home is stressful to begin with, so toss in moving to a new town for a new job, and having to make such a huge decision in such a short, pressure crammed trip…now consider that scenario without being able to find the right property.  Could you bring yourself…

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Assumptions and speculations – beginning of the trailing spouse journey

Welcome to April 2015’s #TrailingSpouseStories! This month, we played with April Fools and asked each other “What got you “fooled” into being a trailing spouse? What myths did you start out with and what did you discover in the process?” Here is my take on the matter.

I wouldn’t say that I was ‘fooled’ into being a trailing spouse, rather I ‘fooled’ myself, imagining how it would be and making lots of assumptions.

When we first had a discussion with my husband about moving to Germany from UK, I couldn’t say I was completely happy about it. Not miserable either, more like concerned. I just started feeling like an independent adult, still in my first job after graduation, enjoying independent life and making plans accordingly – here, in London, in this company, in these circumstances. Moving to Germany would change all that. Although, I could still be working with a…

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FF&E Logistics for Successful Hotel Renovation Projects


When planning a hotel renovation, the company you select to provide FF&E logistics services will play a key role in operational efficiency and a successful renovation project. From service reliability and attention to detail to project management with time sensitivity, the right hotel logistics services help ensure your renovation project remains within its budget and timeline with minimal disruption.

Begin your search for a logistics solutions provider during the early planning phase of your hotel renovation project. Ideally, the company you hire can properly handle the full logistical needs of your project, from packing and storage of current furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) to freight management, delivery and installation of any new FF&E merchandise.

FF&E Packing & Storage

Before work can begin, the rooms and public spaces scheduled for renovation should be stripped. You will need a professional crew to pack and store all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment. A delay in removal delays construction work, putting the renovation project behind before work even begins.

The hotel logistics provider you select should be able to take care of the FF&E packing and storage for you in a timely manner.

Managing FF&E Logistics

Ideally, you will have the FF&E scheduled for removal fully inventoried and procurement of new merchandise handled well in advance. With a boom in hotel renovations, lead times for FF&E products are longer than usual, so strategic planning is necessary to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of new merchandise.

The hotel logistics provider you select should be capable of properly handling many of the details for you, from strategic planning to inbound freight management, warehousing, delivery and installation. The company should make it possible for you access inventory and tracking data, which can be helpful in making scheduling and construction-related decisions, and assist in coordination of any necessary scheduling changes.

You will want a trained white-glove crew to ensure timely installation of your FF&E in flawless condition without damage to your facilities. The right FF&E logistics company will provide one.

Chipman the Preferred Provider of FF&E Logistics Services

Chipman Relocations, a trusted industry leader in business for 75 years, is ready to serve as your preferred provider of FF&E logistics services. Offering detailed project coordination, quality transportation, short and long term warehousing, and streamlined installations, Chipman can provide the comprehensive and cost-effective FF&E logistics services your hotel renovation needs. Contact Chipman for additional information and to discuss your logistical needs.