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Bay Area Hotel Renovations & Super Bowl 50 – Is Your Hotel Ready?

Bay Area Hotel Renovations & Super Bowl 50 – Is Your Hotel Ready?

Although a year away, Super Bowl 50 is coming quickly. Are your Bay Area hotel renovations complete? What would the reviews of your hotel say if posted today?

Hotel renovations needed?

Many Bay Area Hotels Renovated, But Not All

Numerous Bay Area hotels underwent renovations in recent years to meet the needs of increased business travelers in the high-tech market, and even more hotel renovations began with the announcement that the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara would host the historical Super Bowl event in 2016.

But some Bay Area hotels still need work to prepare for the flood of people expected that first week in February. Only about a month ago, a traveler posted a review at with the headline “Typical, Outdated Bay Area Hotel in Need of Renovation.”  The reviewer pointed out that “the furniture has seen better days (with some of the chairs and tables having nicks and scratches in them) …” The hotel’s general manager politely explained the hotel is currently renovating, and renovations include the addition of new furniture. That hotel will likely be refreshed and ready in time, but what about others?

Several Bay Area hotels also received poor reviews recently that included comments such as the “room had old and very little furniture,” “the door had a huge gap that let in all of the noise,” and “bed bugs, mice, Oh my!”

While you can find thousands of Bay Area hotel rooms worthy of 5-star reviews, these comments show several area hotels still need renovation work. Considering the room squeeze the expected 1 million people attending Super Bowl 50 events will place on the Bay Area, every hotel should and could be ready.

If your hotel recently received a review like this one: “This hotel needs a lot of love and it could be something special – but it is clearly not special now,” and you are not in the process of renovating, get busy!  There is still time to bring in new furniture, fixtures and equipment and give your hotel the love it needs before Super Bowl 50 arrives. Your guests will appreciate it, reviews will reflect that, and your business will benefit.

Need Hotel Logistics for Your Renovation Project?

Whether planning a complete renovation or simply replacing worn furniture in guest rooms, the right hotel logistics can help you complete your project on schedule. In the Bay Area, Chipman Relocation & Logistics is the company to call.

From transportation, warehouse storage and delivery to FF&E installations, the quality services provided by Chipman can help make your hotel renovation project a success. Call now to discuss your needs for Bay Area hotel logistics services and receive a free quote from Chipman Relocation & Logistics.

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Moving a Medical Practice – Tips for Your Checklist

Moving a Medical Practice – Tips for Your Checklist

Moving a medical practice requires special considerations in addition to the many tasks involved with any office move. If you are planning to move your medical clinic, create a checklist specific to your practice now and begin marking off each task as it is completed. Even if you do not plan to move for another year or so, creating a checklist should be the first thing you do once you decide to relocate.

You can find a general practice move checklist  online. Use it as a starting point for creating your own. The following tips will help.

Find the Right Medical Office Space

First on your list will be finding the new office space. Do you plan to lease or own? After deciding that, contact a commercial real estate agent/broker who specializes in medical office space. You want someone who understands the unique requirements of a medical practice for meeting patient safety and regulatory compliance. That can range from design improvements for safe operation of radiation-producing medical equipment to ADA compliance to limited landlord access (for leased office space) and more.

Once you’ve selected your office space and date for moving, you are ready to begin the process.

Partner with Professionals Experienced in Moving a Medical Practice

Next on your list will be finding the right professional movers. Moving a medical practice requires specialized expertise and equipment. The movers you hire should know and be able to meet state and federal guidelines for moving a medical facility and transporting medical equipment. They should have technicians with expertise in disassembling sensitive equipment as needed, packing it and safely moving without damage. After the move, the technicians should be able to test and re-commission equipment, making it ready for use in the new location.

In addition to expertise in relocating medical and lab equipment, your movers should be experts at moving exam tables, office furniture, filing systems, workstations, and IT equipment. The movers should also understand your need to minimize downtime to avoid loss of billable patient hours and be willing to work with you in completing the project on schedule.

Prepare Your Orders for Printable Materials

Make a list of printable materials such as appointment cards, prescription pads and letterheads you need to order with your new address. Add to the list any signage needs, including for the front office door and exam rooms. Place the orders at least two-three months in advance, if possible.

Prepare Notifications of Relocation

You will need to make numerous notifications about your change of address. Make a list of all payers (Medicare, Medicaid, In Network Providers, etc.) and notify each well in advance to prevent any loss of timely payments.

Add to your notification list providers of services such as your answering service, payroll service, billing service, medical waste disposal, and maintenance. Every physician will need a change of address submitted to licensing authorities; the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency requires written notification before the move. Hospitals, laboratories and professional organizations will also need notification as well as vendors providing office and medical equipment and supplies, your attorney, banking, insurance rep, periodicals and the post office.

Use Multiple Methods for Patient Notification

You must properly notify patients and former patients about the move, and it is best to do so using multiple methods. Place a sign on your door and in the office announcing the move at least 30 days in advance. Add a notice to your phone greeting. Publish a notice about the move in local newspapers once a week for four consecutive weeks with the date of move and new address. Notify patients by email or mail, and tell each patient about the move as they check in/out. Notify each patient scheduled for a visit after the move by phone. Announce the move on your website and any social media accounts. You can also print and distribute flyers with a map to the new location.

Additional Resources for Moving a Medical Practice

The following resources may also help with planning your move:

20 Tips for Smoother Office Moves
Tips for Moving Office Furniture
Business Relocation Letters: How to Effectively Plan, Write, and Deliver Them
Moving an Office – Disposing of Old Office Furniture and Computers, Part 1: Furniture
Moving an Office – Disposing of Old Office Furniture and Computers, Part 2: Computers

Thorough, advanced planning makes moving your medical practice much easier and helps ensure the move is a success.

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Stinson Beach and Mickey’s Beach

ana in california


I forgot how windy the road to Stinson Beach is. A few years ago, my friends and I drove that direction to hike the Palomarin Trail to Alamere Falls and we barely survived the drive. Actually, if I hadn’t been driving, I don’t think I could have stopped myself from getting so carsick. Well, this time around I wasn’t as lucky and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Trevor and I drove to Stinson Beach for some bouldering action, but the rocky fall was a bit intimidating for me. In other words, I just watched Trevor take on the “Are You Experienced?” boulder while I spotted him and made sure that he didn’t crash on my carefully balanced rocks.

We then made our way towards Mickey’s Beach also known as Red Rock Beach — a nude beach apparently. I liked how much more secluded and less crowded it was compared to the…

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Luck Favors The Bold

tahira's shenanigans

Spring has arrived in Northern California

A couple of shots of North Yuba River off of Hwy 49 taken yesterday

North Yuba River, California

North Yuba River, California

Someone said to me “You are so lucky”

You know. I don’t consider myself *lucky*

What I do consider is that luck favors the bold.

I wrote a little about it here (number 3)

Luck ALWAYS favors those that trust themselves, trust their wings, and trust their journey.


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Marcus & Millichap predicts big year for hotel industry


radisson blu 1by Dan Rafter

Plan to spend time in a hotel this summer? You’re far from alone. Marcus & Millichap reports that the hotel industry is poised for a big 2015 as consumers find themselves with more money to spend on discretionary items, including overnight trips.

Marcus & Millichap says that hotel occupancy rates will hit 65.2 percent in 2015. That’s a strong number. It’s up from 64.4 percent in 2014 and ranks as one of the highest levels since Marcus & Millichap began tracking hotel occupancy rates.

Another key indicator that is on the rise? RevPAR. If you don’t work in the hotel industry, you might not be familiar with this term. But it stands for revenue per available room, and it’s one of the most important indicators of the industry’s health.

According to Marcus & Millichap, RevPAR will rise to $79.32 for 2015. That’s up 6.8 percent from 2014…

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