Michigan Fans Should be Jealous of Tom Izzo [BLOG]


CBS Detroit

By: Jeff Riger

I have irrational hate for MSU athletics!  From football to basketball, I always root for the Green and White to lose.

Yes, I know it sounds a bit sad and maybe even pathetic but I can’t help it.  You have to be yourself and that’s who I am.  Like so many kids did, I too chose a college team to follow when I was young and it was Michigan.  No, I never attended a single class in Ann Arbor nor do I care about their academics, it’s all about basketball and football with me and obviously I’m not the only one.  If that makes me a Walmart Wolverine so be it.  I’ll admit it, in fact I’ll own it.

It’s actually weird; the older I get the less emotional I get with sports.  Maybe it’s what I do for a living or maybe I just have…

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