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Take 5 with Mikel Bresee [GUEST BLOG]

Thanks Mr. Bresee


Art can be translated in different ways but still have the same effect on people. Detroit is home to many wonderful artists and neighborhoods deserving of the spotlight. This is why we went to Mike Bresee, director of the community arts partnerships at the College for Creative Studies, to ask him:  How does art benefit the city and neighborhoods of Detroit?  Read full article on

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Household Goods: the Good, the Bad and the International

The Relocation Review

imagesFor employees moving as part of a relocation package, one of the main costs and areas for concern is the shipment of their household goods. Employees want their goods moved timely and with the utmost of care.

Employers also want a timely move and to, more importantly, keep costs down. Statistics show that 69% of those moving as part of a relocation are current company employees. Subsequently, current domestic, home-owning employees allot for the highest relocation costs incurred by employers at $91,528.

According to the latest US Transfer Volume and Cost Survey, a majority of relocating employees are offered the benefit of shipping their goods to their new location by their employer and 94% of these employees are also allowed a storage period of which their employer will cover. Since this is a service provided to many relocating employees, the challenges associated with coordinating and performing the household goods benefit…

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