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Show Review: Keller Williams

When The Music's Over

Music Farm Columbia was absolutely the place to be last Saturday in downtown Columbia, SC. The act was Keller Williams and the vibe was exactly what you would expect at a Keller show; an overwhelmingly friendly dance party.

I arrived in Columbia with my two best friends around 7 pm and found myself extremely comfortable in the cool air. Sorry to break it to you Northerners, but 75 degrees at nighttime when it’s well into October is what makes me love this state. After a humorous drive with our Uber taxi driver, we got to the venue and scoped it out. With time to kill, we took a walk and checked out what Columbia had to offer in terms of nightlife. After quickly meeting another group of college kids, we hung with them and went to play some pool. Needless to say, we showed them how to play the game…

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Tips for Getting Your Home Winter Ready


Pendleton Real Estate Pro

As beautiful as the fall leaves are and as much as I enjoy the crisp autumn air and sipping cloud with logoon hot cider I can’t help but look at these as just a precursor to the cold weather that is headed our way.  And while I have already drug my sweaters out of storage and stashed an extra set of gloves in my car it is also time to get my house ready for the inevitable cold, snow, and falling temperatures.  Here are a few tips that I have picked up over the years for getting your home winter ready.

* Protect Your Pipes: This should be done even before the first frost.  Simply remove your garden hose from the spigot and then locate and close the shut-off valve (usually located in the garage).  You also will want to keep the outside spigot open to allow it to drain.

* Inspect…

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