This entire post will be about baseball and I’m not even sorry about it.

  • Baseball is over for the year of 2014, and the San Francisco Giants — my San Francisco Giants — are kings once again. In one of the best postseasons anyone has seen in a long time, it all came down to Game 7 of the World Series. I’ll save all the gushiness for my weekly baseball post coming this weekend, but long story short, Giants won it 3-2. The last at-bat in the bottom of the ninth was an easy can of corn caught by Mister Pablo Sandoval.

    Photo courtesy AP Photo Photo courtesy AP Photo

  • The MVP title was bestowed upon San Francisco Giant Madison Bumgarner in a unanimous fashion. Easily the ace of the postseason, MadBum started Game 1 and Game 5, and then came in during inning 5 of Game 7 to put the nail in the…

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