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Rochelle Burnett, KW Luxury Home Consultant

“Million-Dollar Closet Heist” Raises Issue of High-End Home Insurance


If you saw the recent Good Morning America feature on the three-story, 3000 square foot closet located in a home in the Woodlands area of metro Houston, you may have also seen the follow-up story – the homeowner failed to set the home security system upon leaving the house and returned home to find the closet had been burglarized. Gone were about a $1 million in high-priced jewelry, watches, and designer handbags.

In an interesting twist, shortly after the burglary, the local Houston newspaper received an envelope of jewelry and other items from a person claiming to be responsible for the theft, along with a complaint from the disgruntled thief that the items were fakes.

Nonetheless, in the case of a theft of authentic valuables, one might ask, “Does homeowner’s insurance cover thefts of valuables in the home?” After…

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