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More moving and packing tips for international relocations


September 8, 2014

3 more moving and packing tips for international relocations

Moving out of state is a breeze compared to moving abroad. International relocations require people to file mountains of paperwork with foreign and domestic governments before they can start finalizing their plans. Expatriates must go to great lengths to ensure that they are allowed to move.

Consider the following moving and packing tips when you’re planning an international relocation. Failure to take these steps may prevent you from leaving your country for a new one. 

Apply for traveler’s insurance
Traveler’s insurance is a necessity when going on a trip, but it is doubly important when moving to a foreign land. According to Lifehacker, many governments will not allow expats to stay if they do not have coverage. The news source writes that traveler’s insurance is required to obtain a visa in most countries. 

In most cases, foreign relocation boards will only approve your residency for the length of your insurance policy. For instance, if you only have a year of coverage, you can only live abroad for that same time period. Research various policies and determine how long you will need coverage. You can always cancel your insurance if you need to move home. 

See your doctor
Lifehacker also points out that countries have different healthcare systems and that traveler’s insurance does not cover emergencies. Expatriates are surprised when they cannot receive the same treatments that they do at home. Additionally, the bills will be much steeper due to the lack of insurance. 

Visit your primary physician months before you move. Undergo a complete exam to ensure that there are no major health problems that could hinder your international relocation plans. Schedule your appointment months before your household moving company is slated to arrive. This lead time ensures that you have time to address any medical concerns before you leave. 

Research citizenship requirements
When you move out of state, you have to change your address with the post office and update your driver’s license. The Matador Network notes that international relocations feature similar tasks, but you have to be careful not to forget any of your responsibilities

Research citizenship and temporary residency requirements before filling out any paperwork. The news source recommends retaining these documents in case you need to extend your stay. 

Be aware of financial requirements. Some countries like New Zealand require expatriates to earn a minimum income to gain citizenship. Ensure that your finances are in order so you can move to the country of your choice. 


A few methods to find out about the cost of a new city


September 07, 2014

A few methods to find out about the cost of a new city

When moving out of state – whether as a business or as an individual – one of the most important things to consider is the cost of living in your new destination as it compares to where you’re setting off from. Your salary won’t stretch as far in New York City as it would in Buffalo. That’s why it’s important to know a little bit about the relative costs of living in various locations.

Differences in rent

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn that American cities run the gamut when it comes to rent, so the first thing on your list should be to run the numbers on rent. A rental in San Francisco, for example, costs almost $700 more than one in Chicago, according to World Times News Report. Keeping an eye closely trained on these relative rents could make a big difference.

The price of goods and services

It’s easy to overlook, but goods – often the same exact thing – cost different amounts depending on where you buy them. Therefore, before you hire that long distance moving company, it’s a good idea to know the prices of things you buy regularly. For example, a haircut will cost you about $7 more in Burlington, Vermont, than it will in Burlington, North Carolina, according to Bank Rate.

Going back and forth

There are also some costs that are a little more subtle. If you are moving away from your family or friends, you might want to factor in how often you will want to return and what that will mean for your wallet.

Keeping it simple

For less complicated equations, a cost of living calculator can be a very helpful tool. Available on many sites, these should be used for guidance only, but they can give you a basic picture of your potential new home. For example, groceries will cost six percent less in Detroit than they will in Atlanta, according to CNN. Of course, utilities will run you an extra 11 percent, according to the new source. Detroit is a lot colder, after all.

After you’ve made your decision, you are going to want to ensure you have access to reliable out of state movers to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. After all, it would be a shame to end up in Detroit without your winter coat.


10 Criteria for Successful Project Management Services


Earlier this year, I successfully completed a project where I managed the design and construction for a start-up’s new headquarters in Silicon Valley. Here are ten lessons learned from that project that apply to most facility projects.

1. Manage both design and construction, never construction without design
This is such an important part of every project, that to be responsible for only design or only construction means that you cannot be responsible for the project. If you don’t have the ability to lead not just the design and construction by how the project team will decide on the design and construction resources than you essentially become an order taker, not a project leader.

For this project, the brokers and landlord were telling the client (and initially me too) to hire an architect and complete the design, then obtain bids from general contractors. Instead, I developed and RFP for design-build services…

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