4 steps to take before moving abroad




September 12, 2014

4 steps to take before moving abroad

While relocating internationally can be difficult, it can also give you new opportunities. In addition to an entirely new culture to explore, you can also find great jobs and excellent amenities in a new country. While you should prepare yourself for such a move, there are different steps to take than those undertaken during a domestic relocation. Below are some moving and packing tips that can help international movers enjoy a stress-free move.

Determining eligibility
The immigration process can be arduous and confusing. Not every foreign national qualifies for an international move, and some may be asked to complete lengthy qualification processes.

Research your eligibility and the requirements of your new home country. Escape From America Magazine writes that employment credentials and family can qualify you to live in some countries. In other cases, a work visa is required. These documents are temporary but can be extended or lead to permanent citizenship in most cases.

What to bring
USA Today recommends that movers consider the length of their stays before packing their belongings. For extended or permanent moves, bringing most of your personal possessions could be best. It’s often more cost-effective to hire an international moving company than it is to purchase all-new furniture and other necessities.

The news source writes that if you are relocating abroad for a short period, only bring the essentials. It can be difficult to go through multiple moves and you can eliminate some logistical hassles by limiting the amount of items you bring. You can store additional belongings in a storage unit or else ask family members whether they might have extra space in which you can store your stuff for the duration of your move.

Financial concerns
As is true of local moves, you should have a nest egg ready before traveling abroad. Having a financial safety net is important so you can cover unexpected expenses while you settle into your new home.

Additionally, you should inform your credit card companies and banks of your move. Financial institutions flag suspicious activities like continued card usage in foreign countries without proper notification. Give these businesses time to adjust your information so that you can access your funds without any complications.

Prepare for culture shock
No two countries are exactly alike and their citizens most likely won’t practice the same customs. Culture shock is common among international movers, as they aren’t always fully prepared for the differences between two nations.

Move to a country you’re somewhat familiar with by researching its culture before relocating. Studying the country and its customs can make the process less jarring than it would be if you completely were unfamiliar with the area. Consider reaching out to local contacts like family members and co-workers to develop a better understanding of acceptable



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