Consider leaving unneeded apparel and paperwork when you move
July 01, 2014

Many people spend their entire lives living in one place. They are born into a community and choose to stay, and often times, they never get the opportunity to explore what else is out there. For other people, moving is an exciting experience that, when properly organized, can be done efficiently. However, for any successful relocation, people need to consult with home moving companies that have years of experience in helping people transition across state lines.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has over 100 years of experience in nationwide moving, and the moving company’s professional relocation movers can help people enjoy the transition by providing advice every step of the way.

What many families fail to realize is that the most critical part of any move is remembering to shop around for the best deal. It is important to get an in-house quote based on a review of the contents in an apartment or home. People who accept phone estimates may be unsatisfied at the end of the process as the services they received weren’t up to standards, and these types of quotes are illegal when moving across state lines. Consulting with Stevens can help people make sure their transitions are done within legal boundaries and ensure that they meet specific moving standards.

When gearing up for a big move, people should be careful not to get distracted by the sheer amount of possessions they own. Starting in advance, and taking the time to get rid of unnecessary belongings, can help the movers sort through boxes effectively to make sure what is being moved is essential.

In order to get rid of unneeded goods, many people set up partnerships with charities. When packing up clothing, there are often articles that haven’t been worn in years. It is not always necessary to bring those items to a new community, but a local nonprofit would greatly appreciate the donation. In addition to perusing through clothing, people often file through their personal documents that they’ve compiled over years. Bringing along documents from several years ago can take up much-needed space in a new home, but taking the proper measures when disposing of private documents is advised, in order to guard against identity theft and other security issues.

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure that is best done with a partner like Stevens. The moving company can help families enjoy a seamless transition to a new community and home.

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