June 3, 2014

 The Stevens Marketing Team is pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature for its agents, the Stevens Residential Moving Services Brochure. This new feature is available electronically in three different formats and is customizable for each agent. The brochure details why Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is “The Way to Move™” and it is aimed at strengthening the brand of our agents in their local markets. The new electronic format makes it easier than ever to distribute information to customers. While Stevens will still work to produce hard copies of this brochure, we encourage the use of the electronic flipbook. The electronic version gives agents the ability to email the brochure to their customers, rather than waiting for materials to arrive, and through the customization options, connecting to customers is as easy as paying a one-time fee.

The Residential Moving Services Brochure is available as an electronic Stevens Flipbook, which is available immediately at no charge. Agents may also customize the front and back page, or throughout the entire brochure, for a one-time fee. Depending on which package the agent chooses, the customization includes the agent’s name, logo, contact information and a link to the agent’s website.

You may view or download a PDF of the Stevens Residential Moving Services Brochure by visiting one of the pages on this site under the “Personal/Household” tab. To place an order for a customized Flipbook, visit the Stevens Shop.

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