Graffiti Spotlight: (Next to) Lincoln Street Art Park

Why I Love Detroit

As an addendum to my last post, I wanted to showcase all the really neat/strange/cool/rad graffiti that is located under the Michigan Central Station train tracks that cross over Lincoln St. (right next to Lincoln Street Art Park).  I took a good number of pictures (because I LOVE graffiti!) but displayed below are some of my favorites, saving my most favorite for last!










I’ve noticed from looking up other pictures in this area, that some graffiti doesn’t stay long and gets painted over.  Yet another reason to visit often.

– K

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Why Choose Keller Williams?

Wendy Knows Westfield

The first big step in being a realtor is choosing which company you are going to work for.  kw imageThis will determine not only where your leads come from but will sway how the rest of your professional career will go.  With many real estate companies they are concerned solely with the bottom line yet make very little effort to assist the real estate agents in learning new tactics, social media platforms or rules.  At Keller Williams they put a very big emphasis on training and teaching.  This is a very forward thinking company that understands the importance of staying up to date and knowledgeable on all things pertinent to real estate.  This is particularly helpful for those new agents entering the field.  The entire real estate profession can be rather intimidating but with the patient trainers and ever available information it can be a smooth transition.  Keller Williams Realty and…

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