Matt’s Favorites: Cool Incubator, PLM Training, Computer Composer And More

CBS Detroit

So it’s Monday, and ugh, the arctic blast is back with a vengeance. Supposed to get colder every day this week until finally bouncing back into the 30s on Saturday, and you know it’s bad when you’re actually excited about the 30s. Will this madness never end? Well, take heart. Spring will arrive — and so will your tech news from me, as long as I have anything to say about it!

* A Chicago venture capital firm is offering three months’ free rent in a business incubator to qualifying Detroit-area startups. Lightbank, an early-stage VC firm with $200 million under management and several big tech wins in its history, has created The Warehouse at 600 W. Chicago Ave., where spaces begin at $300 a month with three months rent-free. I talked to Lightbank partner Paul Lee Friday and checked out the website at Looks very cool. Check it…

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