Joe ZabukovecSales Manager for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Moving is often described as one of life’s most stressful experiences. Working with an experienced moving company alleviates the stress and pressure of moving. Selecting the right company is important to guarantee a smooth experience. Scheduling 3 IN HOME estimates is highly recommended before selecting a moving company. Estimates are free of charge. Estimates over the phone or internet are NOT reliable. Make sure the mover lets you know what type of estimate they are offering. (Non binding, Binding, Not to exceed) 

Non binding estimates- Exactly how they sound. They are not guaranteed prices! 

Binding estimates- You pay the amount listed on the estimate whether the services rendered are more or less than estimated. (Better choice than Non binding) 

Not to exceed estimates- Most beneficial to the consumer. The price will not increase over estimated amount but can decrease if the services rendered are less than estimate. (RECOMMENDED CHOICE) 

The majority of movers in Cleveland only offer non binding estimates for local moves. Local moves are based on an hourly rate. Make sure the moving company you select does background checks on their employees. Ask the movers if they use background checked full time employees or temporary workers. These individuals will be in your home handling your personal belongings. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines completes drug screening and background checks on all of their employees/drivers. 

Moving across state lines is much different. Again, you should get 3 IN HOME estimates from reputable moving companies. The estimates are based on weight and distance with a variety of variables (packing, fuel, storage needs, extra stops, appliance disconnect/reconnect, insurance, specialty items and accessibility to name a few). If one estimate is considerably less than the others this should raise a RED FLAG. Some movers will lowball the bid to get your business. They will often recoup those savings by working slower and adding hidden fees in the end. Price is not the best factor when choosing a mover. You always get what you pay for. 

Linda Bauer Darr, president of the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association), stated, “We’re finding the temptation for people is to get this done quickly at the lowest price”..”If you go with the low-baller, God bless you and good luck.” 

I would recommend that any individual moving out of state ask for a NOT TO EXCEED estimate and make sure the mover provides a copy of the inventory. The inventory is a detailed list of all furniture and boxes to be moved. Make sure it is detailed and accurate. Remember, the estimate is based on the articles listed on the inventory. 

Lastly, if a mover asks for a cash deposit, choose another mover. 

A great way to screen movers is 
the AMSA website 
I can be reached at 440-823-6287 with any questions or for consultation. In home estimates are FREE. I look forward to hearing from you.

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