Stevens Worldwide Van Lines awarded Governors Fitness Award

This year’s Governors Fitness Award for Outstanding Healthy Workplace at the Diamond Level in the Large Size Organization category was awarded to Stevens Worldwide Van Lines! This achievement will be celebrated with a day-long,  two-part event on April 24, 2014.

The Governors Fitness Awards is an annual event put on by the Governors Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports and the Michigan Fitness Foundation, for the purpose of honoring individuals and organizations that are making improvements for the betterment of their community.

Part one of the event will begin at 8:30 in the morning with a legislative reception on the 1st floor, at the State Capitol in Lansing. Here, nominees will have the opportunity to meet with legislators before a short program and award presentation.

Following the award presentation, nominees will visit the gallery of the State Senate, during this visit they will be recognized by legislators.

Once 6:00 PM comes around the doors will open for part two: Nominees and community members will attend a Gala Celebration at Ford Field with the formal program starting at 6:30 PM. At this time, board and council members from Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports will honor every finalist and announce the award winners.

Each nominee will receive two complimentary tickets to the gala celebration at Ford Field, and additional tickets will be available for purchase. Congratulations to all Stevens staff participating in this healthy event!

14 Tips For Easy Moving

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Photo Credit: Mike K Photo Credit: Mike K

One thing people realize as soon as it comes time to move is how difficult it can be. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, your move could be seamless and organized. Keep this blog handy and share it with your friends for 14 tips for an easy transition into your new home!

Between staying organized and keeping things from getting ruined, it’s no wonder why people don’t look forward to moving. Here are some tips to help with the task of transitioning to a new home:

  1. Pack big bundles of clothes hanging in your closet by keeping them on the hanger, putting a garbage bag up and around them, and secure at the top with the drawstring.
  2. Use shrink wrap to wrap your silverware in its holder.
  3. Pack boxes full of essentials with red duct tape to locate them easily.
  4. Label the sides…

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Time for the Men’s Big Ten Tourney…

Living in Indy

…and we are hosting it right here in Indy!  Are you going?  As an Indiana fan, I’m disappointed in their performance this season, but I am not a fair weather fan and will continue cheering them on despite their record this season.

2014 is the ninth time Indianapolis has hosted the Tourney and the first game tips off at noon on Thursday with 8th seeded Indiana taking on 9th seeded Illinois…click here for the brackets to follow all the games!

The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament has only been around 16-years, sellout crowds, exciting and competitive games, national television coverage and throngs of media have been highlights of past years tournaments.  Since the beginning of the tournament, the Big Ten has  has had 6 teams crowned champion. Ohio State leads all Big Ten schools with 4 (2007, 2010, 2011, 2013), followed by Michigan State with 3 (1999, 2000…

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Acclimate your family to a new home


March 11, 2014


Acclimate your family to a new home

No matter what your family is like, they’ll probably go through a difficult period after any long distance moving. Besides the loss of friends and the transition to a new part of the country, children of any age might simply not know how to react to their new lives. You should make sure to make an effort to get them used to a new house and community after the relocation and moving services have brought all your possessions.

Establish family routines as quickly as possible, especially those that can be carried over from an old home. For example, if dinner was always served promptly at 6 p.m., continue to adhere to that schedule as much as possible. It will establish continuity between the two places and subconsciously helps children become comfortable with their new lives.

Unpack as soon as you can. One of the hardest parts about being in a new place is the alienated feel it can have. When the furniture, decorations and possessions that were in a previous home are everywhere in a new house, it makes it a lot more comfortable and a lot less unfamiliar.

Explore the area whenever you have free time. The more your family knows about their new town or neighborhood, the faster they’ll come to think of it as home. It’s also a great way to meet new people, which certainly eases the burden of being uprooted and moved far away. 





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