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Detroit Snow


So, when I left Detroit Monday evening, they had just reached their fourth snowiest winter of all recorded time. The Detroit Free Press newspaper had even included this infographic to show you snowfall in Detroit and its surrounding areas plus the all-time snowiest winter vertical bar chart.

However, by midnight, an additional 3.5 inches of snow had fallen, with more expected to fall into the night, according to meteorologist Steven Freitag of the National Weather Service in White Lake Township. Monday’s storm pushed the total winter snowfall to 76.4 inches, surpassing the record set in 1981-82 and making this one the third snowiest winter in Detroit on record.

So, this chart is now obsolete, but it gives you a good idea of how much snow the Detroit area has had this year-to-date.

Stay safe, Detroiters. Drive a bit slower and stay inside.

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