Chocolate Fish Coffee Brewing ‘Morning Beer’ Coffee With Nitrogen

My friends in Sacramento know how to start the day!

CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It looks and feels like a bar drink, but it’s served by a barista, and there’s only one place in town you can find this alcohol-free drink.

It’s slow-poured into a glass, but this drink dubbed “Morning Beer” won’t make you feel bad for drinking before noon.

“You can actually see the coffee kind of cascade down into the cup, and it produces that nice, big head,” said Nathan Welsh with Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters.

You heard him right, it’s a new take on coffee. After perfecting its current pours, the owners of the East Sacramento shop came up with nitrogenated coffee.

Welsh says it starts with brewing a bunch of iced coffee.

“Then we throw it in a 5-gallon keg, put it under nitrogen for anywhere from five to 6 days, and then after that it’s ready to go,” he said.

Regular William Myers came in…

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