Recent Data About the Moving and Storage Industry from the American Moving & Storage Association
January 31, 2014

The moving and storage industry:

•Consists of 8,100 companies operating at 17,000 locations, primarily providing moving and storage services for household and office goods
•Includes van lines, van line agents, independent full-service movers, international movers, forwarders, and auto transporters
•Employs 122,600 people with an annual payroll of $3.6 billion
•Is composed of mostly small businesses
◦47.8% of industry companies employ fewer than 5 people.
◦Only 8.5% of industry companies employ 100 or more people.
AMSA members report operating a fleet of:

•50,000 trucks
•32,000 tractor units for pulling semi-trailers
•18,000 straight trucks
Moving and storage industry services include:

•Local and long-distance transportation of household and office goods
•Warehousing and storage services
•Packing and packaging services
•Process, distribution, and logistics consulting
•Merchandise sales and other services
Industry revenue from these services totals more than $16.5 billion annually. The following three areas combined account for 97.3% of revenue:

•69.6% from local or long-distance transportation service
•20.2% from warehousing and storage services
•7.5% from packing and packaging services
Interstate shipments by type, percentage (2008 AMSA):

•Household goods: 65.4% (including 11% military and 1% other federal government)
•Computers, copiers and other electronic office equipment: 27.6%
•Exhibits and trade shows: 6.6%
•Office and institutional: 0.3% (mostly local moves)
Breakdown of household goods shipments by type:

•Individuals: 39%
•Corporate: 39%
•Military: 20%
•Other federal government: 2%

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