October 15, 2013


How to notify employees about a corporate relocation

A corporate relocation is no easy task. Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll need to inform workers about how a move will affect them.

The ramifications of a business relocation can be significant, especially for larger companies. However, if you provide clear, concise information to workers, you can minimize issues along the way.

Consider the following tips on notifying workers about an upcoming corporate relocation.

1. Be direct When breaking big news to workers, a direct approach is best. You’ll want to avoid gossip and rumors, so be sure to provide information to employees using a variety of mediums to ensure that they understand every aspect of the relocation.

Craft a message that is easy to understand, as this will help avoid confusion. Additionally, a supervisor can deliver this information directly to employees before it is distributed through other outlets. Managers can meet directly with each worker or can provide information about a relocation during a team meeting.

2. Outline the impact of a move Relocations happen for a number of reasons, so be sure to offer plenty of information to workers about why the move is going to take place. If a company is downsizing, try to host one-on-one meetings with employees who will be directly affected by the move.

It can be difficult to answer every worker’s questions after the announcement, but use the information at your disposal to respond to their concerns. There will likely be plenty of questions, so take the time necessary to alleviate workers’ worries.

Give workers a relocation timeline that includes the moving day and when operations will resume at the new address. Employees need time to get ready, so provide as much information as you can in order to help them prepare.

3. Stay available The weeks and days leading up to a relocation can be stressful, but there are several ways you can help workers during the moving process.

Stay available to answer questions and concerns. Encourage workers to speak with supervisors directly if they need help packing their belongings for the big day.

A moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can have a significant impact on a business that is relocating. The professional relocation movers at Stevens are skilled and experienced, and they can provide advice to help workers safely transport their belongings from one location to another. 

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