October 12, 2013


Common checklist items forgotten in a move

Moving is often a stressful time for everyone involved. There are countless details to remember, things to organize and arrangements to make. So, it is no surprise that even with the help of a household moving company, a homeowner may forget a few items on his or her to-do list. 
Here are four items that homeowners commonly forget:

1. Phone books. You may think that you don’t need the phone book for your old neighborhood if you are moving away. However, if you have any connections to the local community, it may be a smart idea to pack this book with you so that you can easily look up any numbers and avoid surcharges from 411 services as well as the aggravation of searching.

2. Trash and recycling bins. These possibly smelly vessels play an important function in a household, yet they often remain outside. Because trash and recycling bins are needed up to the very last minute of a move, a homeowner may forget to have them included in their moving checklist. A great amount of trash is generated when unpacking your home, and you don’t want to have to stop what you are doing to go purchase new bins.

3. Garage opener. In your efforts to provide the new owner of your home every key, instruction manual and code, you may forget to leave the garage opener. This electronic piece of equipment typically stays in your car, which is why it may not occur to you to check vehicles before vacating the premises for the last time. It can be frustrating and pricey to recode a garage, so try and leave the old remote opener for the new property owners.

4. Contents of a safe. If you have a safe included in the design of your home you may store many important documents, expensive jewelry and other various items in the unit. Because you most likely do not open your safe on a regular basis, you might forget to clear out these various possessions. Make sure to include “checking the safe” on your to-do list and remove everything from the unit. Then, delete the password or tie the key to the handle and leave the door to the safe open so that the new owners can easily find and move their belongings into it.





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