Survival Stories Inspire Hope in Moore, Oklahoma

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The tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma last week quickly became hands down, one of the worst tornado’s in history.  The tornado was terrifying, absolutley destroying everything in its path. Click here for some images of the tornado last week.
In all of the chaos and destruction, it is truly inspiring to see how many Americans are responding to this tragic event. Here are a few inspiring stories in particular to highlight.

Country music stars gathered and performed together at the “Heaing for Heartland” concert to benefit the victims of the massive tornado. Blake Shelton, Academy award winning singer, and native from Oklahoma got everybody on their feet at the show performing his hit song “Home”. Many of these musicians are from Oklahoma, which made this event more vibrant.

Mady Gosh and Jason Velasquez, engaged to be married, were victims of the horrific tornado in Moore. This…

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3 Strategies to Retain Customers During a Corporate Relocation

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Don’t let the fear of losing your customers stop you from moving into a new office. If the current office is not in an ideal location or it can no longer sustain your manpower, there is no other option but to relocate.  At D.J. McGauley & Associates, we are dedicated to ensuring that your corporate move is seamless in every aspect. Here are three proven strategies to retain your customers during your corporate relocation.

1. Have a relocation marketing strategy

Your relocation marketing strategy must not only be intense; it must also be well-planned. At least one month prior to the move, you should reprint all your brochures and letterhead with your new address. In addition, change signature files on all outgoing email correspondence to include the new address.

Post announcements about the move in highly visible areas within your current location. Your past customers should also be sent postcards…

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AMSA’s 2013 USA Today ad campaign announcement!

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a proud member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and our membership is something we should share with customers and prospects, as it shows our commitment to doing the best we can for them.


Monday, May 20 – AMSA’s 2013 industry ad can be found on the back page of USA Today‘s Money section. The full-page color ad was developed by AMSA in conjunction with the Communications Advisory Committee (CAC); the ad features our 2012 industry driver award winners as “Moving Heroes” and promotes the importance of hiring a professional mover to USA Today‘s more than 1.8 million readers, as well as consumers visiting the AMSA consumer information website,


The final version of the ad can be viewed below and at


AMSA members are welcome to use the ready-made ad, and AMSA will provide a logo-free version to post on your company website and use in your local marketing activities. If you’d like assistance personalizing the ad with your company logo, please contact AMSA’s marketing and e-media manager, Wayne Whitaker.


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of USA Today – today – to see the ad in print. Be sure and sign up to receive AMSA emails and watch your inbox each Monday for more Moving Season Tips and Tricks!  




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Professional corporate relocation services help make moving enjoyable



Professional corporate relocation services help make moving worth enjoyable

Post Updated May 15, 2013

In some instances, you may be requested to relocate in order to serve your employer better. While this may come at an inconvenient time and can be an overwhelming experience, there are many positive benefits to moving to a new state for work. Typically, it is in the best interest of the company to assist you in the process, as any additional expenses or unexpected fees may sway your opinion about continuing to work for the organization. The most important part of any relocation package is to make sure you are involved in the process of hiring a moving company.

Professional corporate relocation services help make sure the transition is seamless and allows you to focus your efforts on tying up loose ends before you make your move to a new town, community or state. In addition to having your moving fees waived, you may be able to garner further assistance such as paying for child care until you find a new nanny, a higher cost-of-living subsidy, a higher mortgage cost allowance or help with schooling for your children if your new town’s public education system is lacking, reports

When considering a relocation, make sure you are prepared for your move. If you’ve been given the opportunity to hire your own moving and storage company, you’d be wise to work with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Their team of professional relocation movers can help make your experience an enjoyable one. They’ll help plan the logistics of your move and assist you in organizing your belongings in a manner that makes unpacking as efficient as it can be. You’ll feel confident that your possessions will be in good hands and that your relocation has been well planned, which will give you more time to designate to finding the proper services for your family in your new community.

Being relocated by your employer may be a great experience. You’ll have the opportunity to explore new regions of the country, and most of the costs might even be paid for by your company. While it may be hard to leave where you’ve begun your career and family, new adventures await wherever you go. Stevens can help you, your family and your possessions get there in one piece.