FICO, the industry leader in credit scores and data analysis, was originally headquartered in California. After some corporate restructuring, the company decided that moving out of state to Minneapolis, Minnesota, was in its best interests. Now, FICO has chosen to move back to its home state and will open new headquarters in San Jose. Chuck Reed, the mayor of San Jose, said that FICO will benefit from the city’s ample resources

“By returning to its roots in Silicon Valley, FICO will have greater access to talent as well as global business and technology partners,” Mayor Reed said in a statement. 

Many businesses are motivated to by the same factors that spurred FICO to return to its roots. It is easier for companies to expand when they are in close proximity to valuable resources like potential partners, global distribution channels and a strong workforce. Many enterprises offer moving assistance so that it can retain its best employees during the transition. 

Corporate relocation companies like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines ensure that excellent employees don’t have to face any problems during their moves. Thanks to expert packing, storage and shipping services from Stevens, workers can easily transition from their old residences to their new homes. 

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