Pinnacle Airlines recently announced that it’s moving out of state. The company will move from Memphis, Tennessee, to vacant space in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Minnesota. President and CEO John Spanjers said that financial issues were the primary motivators for the relocation

“We had the responsibility to explore every aspect of our business to find opportunities to reduce costs, including evaluating our property leases, to find the most economical options for Pinnacle,” Spanjers said in a statement. 

According to the Star Tribune, hundreds of Pinnacle’s employees will be moving with their employer. The trip from Memphis to the Twin Cities isn’t short, so the workers will require plenty assistance when the time comes to pull up their stakes and hit the road. 

When businesses undertake massive moving plans like Pinnacle has they usually offer some help for their employees. For instance, some enterprises hire corporate relocation companies so that families can quickly move from their current homes to their new abodes. 

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines offers reliable corporate relocation services. Employees can rest assured that their prized possessions are in safe hands when they work with Stevens. Professional movers can pack and ship every belonging so that workers can focus on acclimating themselves to a new environment. 

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