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Forbes has compiled a list of America’s most expensive ZIP codes based on several factors including median asking price and number of homes on the market. If you are in the market for a wonderfully expensive estate with a swanky zip code to match, take a look at this list and find your new luxurious address. Or perhaps you just enjoy perusing pictures of magnificent homes and wishing you could live there. Either way you will enjoy this list, use it for reference, or day-dream material. Our zip code of choice is 10075, New York, where for $90 million (surely you could negotiate the asking price?) you can purchase the historic Woolworth Mansion. Not ready to commit? No worries… the home comes with an option to rent for a mere $150,000 per month!

Churchill has short-term corporate housing available Nationwide. Please contact us at 866-255-0593 or for more information.

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