Sometimes famous actors and actresses move in an effort to insulate themselves from the peering eyes of the paparazzi. But when you’re preparing to portray someone famously hounded by the press, that option might not be available.

That’s the situation actress Naomi Watts found herself in when she accepted the role of the late Princess Diana. To learn as much as she could about the famous princess, Watts decided to relocate to the London area where Diana spent much of her time, according to the Herald Sun.

Watts will be moving to the well-heeled neighborhood of Kensington where Princess Diana lived during her royal tenure. While there she may patronize some of Di’s favorite haunts such as Beauchamp Place and The Harbour Club, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Although Watts was born in England and the move is unlikely to be permanent, it is still sure to be complicated. Because filming begins in a few weeks, an efficient move is necessary. Plus, with two sons and an actor for a partner, Liev Schreiber, the star’s schedule is likely to be full. Hiring a household moving company to help take care of the details could make it a lot easier. Especially in instances of international moving, the use of long distance moving and storage services is integral to minimizing the complexities

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